Below is a list of our current availability:

Updated 1/1/17

Please note that the prices listed below do not include processing.  We apologize, but we do not offer processing. You are welcome to sacrifice the animal here, however we do not have a processing facility for your use. Thank you for your understanding.

PORK (raised with absolutey zero antibiotics or any medicine whatsovever) 

All cuts listed are currently available

Sausage (Regular, Maple, Hot, and Hot Italian): $4 per pound

Bacon (various sized slabs; not sliced): $5 per pound

Fresh Ham (whole or slices): $4 per pound

Pork Chops: $5 per pound

Ribs: $4 per pound

Shoulder (whole): $4 per pound

Free Range Eggs (Brown; L-XL) $4 per dozen

Turkeys (Bronze breasted; various sex/age): $35-$50 Not available until summer/fall of 2017

Rabbits (Live; Flemish Giant X Rex): Starting at $20 3 available

Grass fed beef: Coming soon (January 2017)

Lamb/Sheep (Live; Dorper X Katahdin; various sex/age):  Our does are currently pregnant and not for sale. Next availability will be spring/summer 2017. 

Goat: 1 Kiko buck nearing 2 years old. Intact, not dehorned.  Would make a great stud! $225

Fresh Veggies: Varies per season

Homemade old fashioned strawberry syrup (made from our strawberries): $5 per pint    Available 

Pricing and availability subject to change.

Prices effective as of 1/1/17